Goodbye TeamViewer, Hello NoMachine

I’ve been a long time user of TeamViewer. Using it mainly to access my desktop while away from home and helping out family and friends on the odd occasion. It had become my go to remote access tool because of the ease and simplicity in using it.

However recently I’ve been plagued with the message ‘it appears you are using TeamViewer for commercial use’ which I can only assume is because I’m sitting on a corporate network accessing my home computer, and the only solution seems to log your use case for review. In the mean time you are stuck with what is supposed to be limited sessions of access for no longer than 5min but that does not appear to be true as I get kicked out within 2 mins.

So quick research led me to some replacement candidates and I’ll write more about the other interesting candidate, Guacamole which will be my backup going forward.

For now I’ve settled on using NoMachine and though not as straight forward to setup, it’s still easy enough and serves me well. Access speed (screen updates) are much better due to there being no server in between.

It’s been 3 days since I’ve logged my case for review and still have no feedback from TeamViewer.